Penon Audio Volt

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Here is the link of Penon Volt:


Driver: Sonion 4 electrostatic + Sonion 2 Balanced Armature + 10mm dynamic driver

Impedance: 12ohm@1khz

Sensitivity: 114db@1khz@1mw

Frequency response 15-80Khz

Connector:2pin 0.78mm

Plug:2.5mm balanced

Cable: single crystal copper silver-plated (comes with 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm audio male adapter / 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male adapter)

Length: 1.2m

Package Details:

Penon Volt with cable

Memory Foam eartips SML X1

Silicone eartips SML X 2

Cleaning brush

Earphone bag


Test Equipment:

Opus #1

Lotoo Paw Gold

THX AAA 789 & Topping D50s

JDS Labs Odac and Amp

Earmen TR-Amp

Package, Design & Isolation;

Penon Volt comes well known blue and red cartoon box that everybody knows. Penon is always generous for their contents and Volt doesn’t break that tradition here. There is great looking blue cable with 3 different adapters. 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male adapter, 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male adapter and 3,5mm adapter. This is fantastic for who wants to play with their gears that has different output. Cable looks pretty decent and beautiful with its blue color that greatly match with Volt. There is various size of tips inside the box which you can find the best one for your ear. Blue carrying case is great and feel sturdy. Volt is so beautiful with its faceplate and transparent blue shell design. There is no other faceplate design but this is already so beautiful. It is universal but you can go with custom design as well which is always good option for who wants to like custom design. There is not much things to say about build quality. It feels high quality and looks as well. Volt provides really great isolation in ears and blocks serious amount of outer sound in the crowded place.


Penon Volt is a full bodied, warm, and natural tonality earphone. Addictive bass notes are amazing with its power, timbre and punchiness. The bass is really exciting that it pushes you to listen to EDM-based music. Meaty and bodied mids are fascinating with their highly textured and emotional notes, as well as wonderfully detailed presentation. The treble, on the other hand, uses the full potential of the electrostatic driver and has a very good extension and TOTL level of detail and resolution. Although the stage is not holographic, it is quite large and the instruments are spread over a very large area within the stage.

Volt’s has well extended, detailed, highly resolution treble frequencies. It is not as energetic and hot as the est driver earphone I have used before, but the details are there and it shows in a smoother way instead of being sharp on presentation. The treble has great control and smoothness which I like most and it plays extremely effortlessly despite all these details and resolution. It does not give you a detailed presentation with a bright and harsh presentation like some earphones, it offers you the details in a very soft way and does not scratch your ears. In this sense, Penon has tuned the est drivers in an extremely good balance and a very safe setting for most listeners. There is absolutely no harsh or sibilance in treble, at least I would like to state that I did not hear sibilance with the stock cable but also with the OSG and Penon Mix cable that I tried. It doesn’t have such a tendency anyway; you can understand this when you listen for awhile. The level of detail is definitely very high, but it gives this as a whole within the music, not by putting every single detail in your ears. In general, the highs are definitely in TOTL class and will make many users happy in this sense.

Mid presentation has great body and warmth, but I am not talking about a body that is suffocates the entire presentation. Organic and smooth presentation is coming from 2 sonion balanced armature drivers that covers the mid region of the Volt. There is relatively coloration in the mids but it is not reference monitor with clinical, dry sound. Volt has fantastic details and resolution in mid range that brings lots of details and make great separation. The vocals are also slightly forward and have a clean, smooth presentation. Instrument separation is really delicious. As a fan of string instruments, I really liked Volt’s performance in this regard.

The Volt has very strong, powerful bass and these bass, despite all their might, do not harass or dominate other frequencies. Despite being powerful, they are extremely controlled and have relatively tight bass.  The sub-bass can go very deep and it makes a great effect in most music and even movies. It gave a great bass performance on an EDM-based music I listened to and has addictive performance. Basses are not meant to be reference or transparent, so they are more on the fun and musical side. When it comes to bass, I have always liked the dynamic driver more than the balanced armature driver. Dynamic drivers have much more natural, realistic and organic bass beats and Volt has exactly these characteristics.


Penon Volt vs Oriolus Percivalli:

Oriolus Percivalli is one of my favorite triple design earphones. It is expensive earphone and It cost more than double of Volt. The Percivalli has 5 drivers per inside; 1 dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature drives, and 2 electrostatic drivers. Both Volt and Percivalli are made of high-quality resin and their material and build quality are top notch. They are similar in body size and very comfortable in ear. Sound comparison; They have similar sound and characteristic and they are differing in some areas. The Percivalli has more in quantity of trebles and sparkle while Volt also has great extension and great in quantity. Volt feels more smoother and softer than Percivalli with its emphasis presentation. Both earphones have colored and warm mids with slightly forward and natural presentation. Vocals are similar but Volt has slightly laid back in vocal and Percivalli has more forward presentation. Each earphone produces fantastic details in mid frequencies. Bass is more powerful, deep, and punchy on Volt but the differences is not too much. Percivalli also has powerful deep bass response and its slightly faster and more controlled. Both earphones have great soundstage with their open and airy atmosphere. Overall, both earphones are great and it is hard to tell which one is better but they both fantastic earphones for sure but has much better price performance value.

Penon Volt vs Campfire Audio Solaris:

Solaris is great earphone and I always enjoy to listen with every genre. These are pretty beautiful and well-made earphone like Volt. Solaris has full metal body instead of resin like Volt. Black and gold color looks so stylish and luxury but also very sensitive for scratch and dent. Volt has resin body with beautiful faceplate design. Both earphones provide great comfort and ergonomic for my ears but I prefer Volt over the Solaris. It fits like glove and no need to fix its position in the ear every 20 minutes. Solaris also great but it is not perfect in this sense. Solaris has 4 drivers design, 1 dynamic driver with 3 balanced armature drivers while Volt has 5 drivers triple design you already know. Let’s talk about sound. Solaris has great extension and articulation on trebles but Volt has better speed and, details and resolution overall. It is not sharp or bright like Solaris but almost has better in every way. Volt extends better and more sparkle on here. Mids are meaty and bolder on Volt while Solaris is slightly thin and more U shape like. Vocals are lush, smooth and slightly forward on Volt which provides more organic and natural feeling while Solaris has slightly laid back on vocals and thin in sound when I compare with Volt. Bass is much more powerful and deeper on Volt while Solaris is tighter and has better control over Volt. Solaris has wider and airier soundstage but also ot feels artificial when I did A/B test. Both earphones are great but Volt doing a great job half of the price of Solaris.


Volt, Penon Audio’s current flagship model with its triple driver hybrid design and does not hesitate to challenge expensive earphones. $ 799 may not be considered a cheap, but when you look at today’s prices, especially triple drivers hybrid models, you can see that the Penon Volt has a very good price tag. It has fantastic and easy to love tuning. Also, ha great build quality as expected from Penon. Volt is a model that should not be ignored with its material and workmanship, sound quality and box content.

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