BGVP Acoustics VG4

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to BGVP Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of VG4:


Drive unit: 4 balanced armatures

Rated power: 6mW

Distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1kHz)

Sensitivity: 115dB SPL/MW

Channel balanced: ≤1dB

Input impedance: 16 Ω

Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz

Cable length: 1.2m ±5%

Weight: about 4.2g per unit

Plug: 3.5mm straight plug

Waterproof: IPX3

Dustproof: IPX3

Package Contents:


S/M/L vocal eartips

S/M/L balanced eartips

Storage case


Test Equipment:


Earmen TR-Amp

Topping D50s

Opus #1

Chord Mojo

Package, Design & Isolation;

Let’s start with unboxing. VG4 comes with moderately big white cardboard box. After open the outer box, there is also black box. There is 6 pairs of silicon tips and 1 pair of foam tips. Blue tips are for the vocal performance and white tips are for the bass performance, that’s what BGVP says. There is nylon carrying case which is pretty small and easy to carrying out.

Shell is made of resin and there is a ton of alternative colours which you can select or customize for your personal preferences. Also, you go with custom shell as well. My VG4 is translucent color on both shells and faceplate. It is really beautiful and I always like the translucent shell because you can see the all the drivers and electronic parts inside. VG4 is not small earphone but its shape is quite ergonomic and it is easy to wear it without any hassle. VG4 has 3 tuning switches, so you can try and find out which ones suits your preferences more. Also, it provides great seal and isolation. Stock cable looks great and feels great. It is soft and light which easy to wear it. There are no microphonic issues whatsoever.

Overall unboxing experience, material and build quality are impressive for its retail price.


VG4 has neutral but slightly warm sound and also has great balance between frequencies. It is very safe tuning and easy to hook most people. Top to the bottom, it has great control on all frequencies without exaggerate any sound. You can also change the sound with the tuning switches and it is really work. I’ve tried so many earphones that has switches and none of them were as effective as like VG4. These switches are work and make it some significant changes on the sound.

The treble extends pretty well, and has a bright and clean presentation, but I still think it’s not the best area of VG4. Treble extends very well and has great and resonance, especially in stinged instruments, but relatively not very good in detail and resolution. Generally, BGVP has followed an extremely safe way of tuning the treble. I’m not actually a treble-head, but I still wish it was a bit more in quantity. The level of detail and resolution is very good for the price for sure, but… When the switch number 1 is activated, it opens the upper mids and the tops have a more airy and clean presentation. There is absolutely no harsh presentation or sibilance as expected in the treble and has a smooth and non-aggressive presentation overall.

Mid frequencies have been my favorite area on VG4. It is extremely clean, detailed and has a good tonality. Also, it has a very good body and fills well under the overall sound. Both the instruments and the vocal performance are definitely great. It was very enjoyable for me to listen to Le Trio Joubran tracks that I listened to and tested on my many earphones. I love the textured and emotional presentation on the stringed instruments. I think it has enough body, but the number 3 switch adds more body by activating it. I both liked and did not like to activate it. I like it because it creates a more emotional atmosphere in vocals and makes the vocalist closer to you, and it fills the stage more. What I don’t like is that it relatively narrows the stages to its width and it is not as good as the separating the instrument. (when comparing switch off) Of course, this is my personal preference. In general, I really like the performance of the mids and it is one of the best earphones I have heard in this price band.

The VG4 has high quality bass in terms of both speed and control. There is no bulky and punchy presentation and it is not on bass head level. It cannot be called balanced or flat, but it certainly does not have a warm presentation. The bass manages to stay in control in fast tracks and doesn’t put the overall presentation in a muddy atmosphere. However, if the switch 3 is activated, the bass increases both in quantity and power. I thought it would create a somewhat artificial and uncontrolled boost, but it is very controlled and managed to boost the bass frequencies without harassing other areas. BGVP has done quite well in terms of tuning. The bass drivers do not have a dry and cold presentation, even if I did not know that it has balanced armature drivers, I might say it is dynamic driver. I found it very successful in tonality. Sub bass is also very good at going deep, but still, it doesn’t have that powerful, bulky depth of the dynamic drivers.

Soundstage is quite wide and I can easily say that it is above the average in this price range. instruments sounds spread out very wide area and offer a spacious and airy presentation. The stage depth is also very successful and it is good at imaging and layering. The background is black enough to provide clean presentation.

BGVP VG4 vs Audiosense T800:


T800 is one of my favorite earphones and its sound performance is way above from its price tag in my opinion. Both earphones are beautifully in terms of material and build quality and ergonomics are great on both earphones. T800 has 8 armatures drivers per side while Vg4 has 4 drivers. T800 is warmer in tonality with thicker and bolder presentation while VG4 has more on balanced side and slightly warmer. Trebles are airier, and has more sparkle on VG4 while T800 is smoother and tamed. Details are more prominent and audible on VG4. Vocal performance is more forward, organic and natural on T800 while VG4 is more balanced, and laid back when I compare it side by side. Instruments are thicker and bolder on T800 and has more body overall. VG4 is slightly laid back and there is more room between instruments and vocals. This is where the difference is huge. Bass is more powerful, impactful and deep on T800 which provides much more quantity while VG4 has more on the controlled and tighter side. It cannot match in terms of quantity and power but it provides more quality and detailed bass performance. Soundstage has better width and depth feeling VG4 while T800 is slightly narrower than VG4, but still has good wideness and depth overall.

BGVP VG4 vs Astell & Kern Billie Jean:

Billie Jean has 2 balanced armature drivers per unit while VG4 has 4 drivers as you know. Billie Jean shell material is ABS plastic and its body shape is way smaller than VG4. Although body material is ABS, it doesn’t look flimsy and cheap, but VG4 looks and feels much better. BJ provides pretty good seal and isolation on ear but VG4 doing better job both isolation and seal. Bass is quite powerful and deep on Billie Jean and also it is not as controlled as like VG4. VG4 is tighter and much more controlled more articulated. Side by side comparison, BJ is muddy and uncontrolled and resolution is not as good as like VG4. BJ has more bodied and forward mid presentation while VG4 has more laid-back presentation. Resolution and details level are much better on VG4. Trebles are more pronounced and extended on VG4 which provides better details and resolution while BJ is more tamed and almost it feels like rolled off. Soundstage is wider and deeper on VG4 and instruments separation is much better.


BGVP has made great impact on the market with their DM6 iem, and has been compared more expensive earphones and liked by many people. It is very clear that BGVP aim to continue the success that they have achieved with the DM6 in their new series. It is especially pleasing that they making very good products in terms of price performance. This is a very expensive hobby and companies with the least damage to the wallet are always loved. The VG4 is a very successful product with its sound quality and the successful tuning of the switches it has. I can easily say that it offers a much better performance than its price tag and I can definitely recommend in this price band.

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