Penon Audio OSG

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Here is the link of Penon Audio OSG:


Type-4 Litz configuration

Material: High purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire mixed with graphene

Number of cores: 4 strands, single strand is 71 cores

Sheath: environmental protection transparent PVC

Configuration: Carbon fiber metal splitter and slider,The solder joint is silver–contained tin

Plug: Rhodium-plated plug

Cable length: 1.2M

Package Details:


Storage bag

Velvet pouch

Cleaning brush

Package, Design;

Let’s take a look at the famous blue-red cardboard Penon Audio box that we all know very well. OSG comes with wooden carry case that comes with the most Penon products. There are so many accessories inside the box. Velvet pouch, metal clip, cleaning brush, nylon cable wrapper. Package contents are pretty rich and there is nothing to complaint about it.

OSG is hybrid cable with mixture of copper, single plated copper and graphene which is very interesting design. Graphene is quite impressive material and it conducts electricity much better than copper. OSG is beautiful cable in terms of design with the shiny wires with carbon fiber sockets. It looks and feels premium. It must be the most beautiful cable that Penon Audio makes in my personal taste. Slider, pin sockets, jacks Y splitter everything has black carbon fibre pattern. I am not sure about the size of the cable but I assume it is 24awg. It is quite soft there is no microphonic issues as well as no tangle. It is very comfortable and light to wear it. Right and left pins are painted red and blue which is fantastic that makes your live easier. It is 4 braided and there is no 8 braided option as far as I know, but you can select between 4.4mm, 3.5mm, 2.5mm and MMCX-2pin options.


OSG sound signature is kind of neutral, balanced and slightly sterile. It doesn’t change the sound drastically, but it makes great improvements overall. I don’t want to use “reference” word but it is so close to the reference sound. Reference like is better definition to explain OSG’ sound signature. It makes bass notes tighter, faster and detailed, and it adds extra sparkle on trebles and brings out more details to the surface. It expands soundstage both wide and depth but this is not the best thing. Background is pretty black and clear which makes easier to focus music. It is great cable and it will be super if you can match with the right earphone.

It adds a clean and clear presentation rather than changing the treble character too much. There is absolutely no coloration and a colorful presentation. It is not vivid, rich cable and it is more on the technical and cold side. It does not have the characteristic bright presentation of the silver cable, but applies the clean and detailed playing feature that silver cable has. There is no sharp or harsh presentation as well as no sibilance. I actually didn’t understand the improvements on the treble region at first, then I realized that it definitely cleared the sound when I ran A / B testing with the stock cable of Nocturnal Atlantis. Yes, like a signal cleaner, it cleans the dust and grain on the sound and creates a crystal-clear presentation. It also slightly increases in quantity on trebles and adds more sparkle. OSG is absolutely impressive cable with its balanced and clean character which it shows this on treble region.

OSG does not change much in mid frequencies, but as in the treble region, it removes the dirty air above all mids and offers clean vocals and instruments separation. Again, the tonality does not change, there is absolutely no warmth or coloration on mid frequencies. It leaves the frequencies as they are in general, but with great cleanliness and clarity. Of course, micro details are getting easier to hear and overall resolution is getting better. The vocals are just right behind the stage, neither forward nor behind but it is much detailed than before. I am glad that it doesn’t make the sounds thin and weak.

I think, the bass frequencies are the best work that OSG achieves. It doesn’t add an extra amount or more impact to the bass, but it does make the bass more tight, controlled and detailed. The clean and clear presentation is continuing on bass area. It helps the untidy bass presence earphones to make it more controlled, which I will talk about below. As the bass notes are more controlled, they also affect resolution and the overall presentation becomes more balanced. The recovery time of the bass improves drastically and offers a fast presentation. Honestly, I haven’t seen any other cable that cleans and heals the bass area of earphones so much. Again, I am very pleased that it does not reduce the amount of the bass notes. While most silver cable tightened the bass, it also takes the amount and impact strength, but the OSG keep up the amount as it is and makes it better with the right touch up.


Oriolus Reborn/w Penon OSG:

Reborn is one of my favorite earphones and I will keep it till it’s died. As some of you know, Reborn has big, fat bass response. It is good and fun to listen but sometimes it loses its control and make sounds little mushy, but OSG helps right away when you plug in and you can hear the differences since the first seconds. It makes more controlled and tighter and adds better accuracy. It is much cleaner and it gets close to Hyla CE-05’s bass response, almost. This is really great improvements and so obvious with Reborn. Other frequencies like mid range becomes less warm and it is not as forward as like its stock No:5 cable. Trebles are much cleaner and it adds some extra sparkle on top. But most likely it is clear. Also, it makes some improvements on soundstage. It is slightly wider and deeper, more spacious and airier than before. OSG did a great job with Reborn and I really like the combination, I will use it with Reborn for awhile.

CustomArt Fibae 2/w Penon Audio OSG:

Fibae 2 is one of my favorite earphones from CustomArt. OSG does some great job on here as well. Trebles becomes more open and airier and much clearer than the Nocturnal cable that I use with Fibae2. OSG adds more sparkle and extension on trebles and details and resolution level is much better. There is not any drastically change on mid frequencies. It is much clean and clear with better background. Bass is where the most improvements has. It is more controlled and tighter, and it is also impactful as it is. Soundstage is more open and airier with great freshness.


Penon OSG vs Rhapsodio SGD 2.98 MK2:

SGD 2.98 MK2 is great cable and I am happily keeping in my collection. Both MK2 and OSG have fantastic build and material quality. Aesthetically, they look similar, even their size and weight are similar. Both cables 4 braid rounded but you have an option to get 8 braided MK2 on Rhapsodio Audio. MK2 has warmer, creamy smooth sound signature while OSG is more on technical side, it is neutral and balanced. OSG adds more sparkle, quantity and extension on trebles which improvements are more noticeable while MK2 has natural and organic, warm tonality. OSG offers crystal clear signature while MK2 has analog and organic sound. Mids are more forward and lush on MK2 and it adds more body on sound while OSG has flat, balanced slightly dry mid range when I compare side by side. Vocals are forward on MK2 while OSG has centered and laid back. MK2 adds more body and impact on sound while OSG has much better control and tightness. OSG has crystal clear sound signature and better cable in terms of technicality.

Penon OSG vs Effect Audio Eros II+:

Eros II+ is also hybrid with the combination of copper and silver. Eros II+ is 22awg cable and yes, it is pretty thick cable and ergonomically it is not as good as OSG. Both cables have great material and build quality Somewhat they are sharing some similarities on sound but they are differing in some are like bass. Eros adds more quantity on bass, it makes it harder and impactful but differences are not that much. OSG doesn’t change the bass quantity but it makes tighter and more controlled and speed and accuracy are much better than Eros. Eros also doing a great job, especially when I compare with the other cables, but OSG is simply better. Mids are more balanced, and flat on OSG while Eros is forward and more bodied presentation. Vocal sound is more organic and smoother on Eros while OSG is neutral and flat. They have similar improvements on trebles in terms of quantity but tonality is different. Eros has slightly warmer and smoother while OSG is slightly brighter, spacious and clear which provides better details and resolution.


Penon Audio OSG cable is fantastic cable when it’s match with the right partner. It has great clean, and clear sound with neutral tonal balance. It does fantastic job on bass frequencies. Also, it is so beautiful and it will match with your earphone beautifully. Penon Audio continues to impress with their latest work and it prove that no need to spend thousands of dollars for the good cable. OSG is one of my favorite Penon cable so far, I can highly recommend who wants to get neutral, balanced cable.

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