ISN Audio D02

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Here is the link of ISN Audio D02:


Brand:ISN Audio

Model: D02

Driver: 10mm dynamic driver

Material: resin

Impedance: 32 Ω @1khz

Sensitivity: 108 ± 3dB @1khz

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

Connector: MMCX

Plug: 3.5mm Audio

Cable length: 1.2M

Package Details:


3 pairs of blue silicone eartips (SML)

3 pairs of green silicone eartips (SML)

Carry case


Test Equipment:

Opus #1

Topping D50s & THX AAA 789

Earmen TR-Amp

Chord Mojo

Package, Design & Isolation;

Let’s take a look at the packaging. ISN D02 comes with standard small ISN cardboard box. There is carry case inside of the box and everything has in to it. Nylon carry case is looks flimsy but it does its job. There is a plenty size and quantity tips and you can find the best fits for yourself. ISN D02 is very well build gorgeous looking earphone. It is made by medical grade resin which is looks and feel pretty high quality in hands. I can’t believe the price when I inspect the D02 because it has same or better-quality feelings then the much more expensive earphones that I’ve used. It has only one color which is blue but it is so beautiful in low light condition. There is a gold ISN Logo on both side of the faceplate. There is an air venting grill on top. MMCX sockets feels solid and secure and you can use your after-market cables without problem. Stock cable looks and feels good. It is pretty soft and tangle free. D02 has nice ergonomic shape and size which it will fit most ears without any pain. Isolation is pretty good and there nothing to complaint about it.


D02 is typical V shaped sound earphone. There are some minor differences between switches but I’ve used with the default settings while testing (switches up).

Treble has quite enough sparkle and energy. Clean and clear presentation results in an extremely good musical performance. The resolution and level of details are well above the price and surprisingly good. There is no sibilance or hard presentation as well as no roll off, but it might be sharp with some bright source with silver cables. Details level is really great which I’ve listened so many instrumental tracks and have heard background details very easily.

Although mid frequencies are less emphasised then the other frequencies, they are not that far behind and weak in presentation. Mid frequencies are very detailed and has good performance in terms of resolution. Instrument separation is extremely successful. The vocals are impressive, but I like male vocal performance more. It was so enjoyable to listen to Richard Hawley – The Ocean track. Although the mid frequencies are relatively behind, the vocals are forward and have a fuller presentation. With the help of air venting, the stage has a very good sense of width and distributes the instruments over a very large area. Before listened D02, I was expecting mid frequencies will be weak and laid back, but it has a very detailed and bodied presentation.

Basses are one of my favorite frequencies on D02. It has extremely pronounced and powerful beats. Sub-bass has roll of, but they can still go pretty deep. Bass is a bit emphasized in quantity and this may be too much for those who do not like the bass frequency very much, but it will also make the bass-head users smile. However, I would like to mention that it is not a bass-head level earphone. I can consider it is fast, but still the recovery time is a bit slow with the disadvantage of the dynamic driver. The bass is tight but I guess it will perform much better with a better cable. The body and voluminous presentation offer a very musical and enjoyable performance. As you can imagine, it is very enjoyable to listen to music like EDM.

Soundstage is spacious and airy which every instrument spread out enough distance from each other. Instrument separation and details are easy to hear it and clean background helps a lot.


D02 vs Rhapsodio Orla:

Orla is single dynamic driver earphone from Rhapsodio and it has a nice beautiful sound. Both earphones-built quality is top notch. Although Orla has smaller in shell size, D02 fits my ears better and provides more secure seal. Sound wise; Orla is organic, sweet and lush while D02 is more energetic, powerful and dynamic. Trebles are more pronounced and emphasized on S02 which provides better clarity and details while Orla is more relaxed and smoother in presentation. Technical performance is better on D02 in terms of resolution and details on trebles, but Orla has beautiful tonality and sweetness that you can easily like. Lush presentation of Orla continuous on mid frequencies as well. It is organic, slightly forward and smooth while D02 is more sterile and drier when I compare side by side. D02 is slightly laid back and less emphasize than the Orla. D02 provides better clarity and details. Vocals are more natural and easier to listen with Orla. Bass is more dynamic and powerful on D02. It hits harder and goes deeper while Orla is lush in presentation and beats are smooth and soft. D02 is more aggressive and edgy. D02 provides airier and spacious soundstage I believe air venting has a big role on here. Orla soundstage feels intimate and limited but still it has nice fresh feelings. 

D02 vs Final Audio E5000:

E5000 is one of the favorite earphones from Final Audio which has a nice safe tuning. Both earphones material and build quality are great. E500 has stainless steel while D02 is made by 3d printed resin. Both earphones have MMCX connectors. Like D02, E5000 also has 1 single dynamic driver per unit. Both earphones are great in comfort but D02 provides much better sealing and isolation due to its design. E5000 is smooth, lush and rich while D02 is more dynamic and fun to listen earphone. D02 has better bass presence and it is more in quantity while E5000 is less emphasise but still has good amount of bass. Mids are more organic, natural in presentation and forward on E5000 while D02 has slightly recessed and thinner on mid frequencies. Vocals are more pronounced and forward on E5000 and at the same time it feels intimate in stage. D02 is slightly laid back on vocals but it has nice airy presentation and has better clarity. Trebles are more forward and detailed on D02. E5000 is smooth and creamy. D02 provides better details and resolution. Soundstage is wider and deeper on D02 while E5000 has more limited presentation.

D02 vs Bille Jean:

JH Audio Billie Jean has 2 balanced armature drivers per side while D02 has 1 dynamic driver per side. BJ is made with high quality ABS plastic and its body shape is slightly smaller than D02, but D02 provides better fit and secure seals on ears. Also, BJ comes with flimsy plastic stock cable while D02 comes with beautiful SPC cable which is much better. BJ has quite strong and powerful bass for a balanced armature driver but it can not scare to D02 in this sense. D02 is more in quantity, hits harder, goes deeper. Thanks to dynamic driver. BJ has better speed and control on bass and much tighter while D02 slower and less controlled. Both earphones have recessed mids but vocals are slightly forward and when I compare side by side. Trebles are more extended, sparkled and detailed on D02 which provides more resolution and details. BJ has smoother slightly dark trebles. Soundstage is wider and deeper on D02 and instrument separation is better.


ISN D02 is fantastic earphone for 80$ and it is absolutely bang for the buck. There is so many good things about D02; enjoyable dynamic tuning and very well-made material and build quality, spacious airy soundstage. I haven’t heard anything better than D02 at this price.

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