Aresaudio Sakeishi

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

I would like to thanks to Aresaudio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of Sakeishi:



6n OCC Copper Litz, 4n Silver Litz


Twisted nylon core with EMI coat + PVC sleeving

Standard length 1.25m

Test Equipment:

Earmen TR-Amp

Inear PromissionX

Oriolus Reborn

Shozy Neo BG

Nocturnal Atlantis

Customart Fibae 2

Package, Design;

This is my first Ares Audio product review and I really impressed the unboxing experience with Sakeishi. It comes with beautiful metal case printed with Ares Audio logo and name. Inside the box gorgeous looking Sakeishi welcomes you. This is absolutely premium cable and you will realize the first second when you hold it in your hands. The material, craftmanship, looking absolutely fantastic. Black and Purple is my favorite two color and these combination like heaven for me. The cable itself is flat braid. To be honest, I am not a huge fun of flat braided cables but Sakeishi take down my thoughts and I really like it. I personally asked to them and confirm that all Ares Audio cables are flat braided because it has positive affect to sound. Cable itself is super soft and it is tangle free and there are no microphonic issues. Y splitter is very well-made gun metal color with Ares Audio logo printed and It is super light. All the terminations and jacks are also metal and build quality is fantastic as expected. You can customize the termination as well. Overall, I am super impressed by the Sakeishi. There are also some items in the box that I would like talk about. It comes with soft pouch which is great. You can securely store it your cable with earphone. Also, there is a leather cable clip that comes with package which is authentic leather. There are some stickers that I like, I’ve already attached in to my gear box. Overall, I like the unboxing experience and package contents. Ares Audio did a fantastic job in this sense.


Sakeishi is 8 braided 6N occ copper with 4NN silver hybrid cable. Sound character is slightly warm, and it has great bass improvements and detailed presentation. Sound is very clean and clear. It is specifically improving the bass area which makes more tighter and faster and adds more details. It makes trebles more extend, sparkle and also clarity is significantly improving. Micro details become easy to pin point and resolution is much better with Sakeishi. Both depth and wideness of soundstage increased and presentation is much clearer. Sound improvement is absolutely there, it can make really great touches when it is combined with the right earphone. It is all about synergy.


Inear PromissionX:

PromissionX is warm and thick sounding earphone, especially on mid frequencies. Sakeishi adds more sparkle on trebles and brings more details on top. It doesn’t increase the quantity but it definitely improves the quality. Micro details in trebles are more distinguishable and easier to hear. Mids are becomes slightly thicker and overall sound is bolder. It doesn’t bother me but it is on limit to be honest. Vocals are better and more textured and slightly come closer to the stages. Bass is more controlled and texture is better. I couldn’t hear any quantity increase but PromissionX doesn’t need it anyway.  Soundtage is more open and airier also background is much cleaner.

Oriolus Reborn:

Reborn is one of my favorite earphones in my collection and has PW Audio No5 as a stock cable. It is really good cable and I like its synergy between Reborn. When I switch to Sakeishi immediately notice how stage becomes more open and airier. Sakeishi open the stage adds more fresh air between the instruments. Trebles are more open and extend better. Resolution and details are absolutely better. Mids are not as thick as No5 but it is bodied and forward. Vocals are slightly laid back, maybe 1-2 row back. Bass has better texture and it is much tighter and faster with Sakeishi. Reborn with No5 is great much but bass is slow and sometimes wobbly, but Sakeishi makes great touch up and did a great job in this regard. Soundstage gets better as well. It improves wideness and spread out the instruments better. Sakeishi is absolutely great match with Reborn and I was planning to use with Reborn until listened Sarda.

Hyla Audio Sarda:

This is my all-time favorite combo. Sakeishi and Sarda is like a heaven. Stock cable of Sarda is made by PW Audio I don’t have any complaint about it. But, Sakeishi makes everything better and fix where I would like to improve of Sarda. With stock cable trebles are already fantastic, but Sakeishi make some magic like a wizard. Sarda has pretty energetic and dynamic trebles which I like, but sometimes I wish it had slightly tamed without sacrifice its details and resolution, and bum! Sakeishi does exactly what I want. Trebles becomes slightly less energetic and details, and resolution that I like is right there. This is fantastic and now I can listen my Sarda for long long hours without fatique. I tried Sarda with PW Initial and trebles also becomes tamed but at the same time it loses its details. Magical touches continue on mid frequencies. Lower mids are slightly more bodied and it doesn’t feel congested. There is also dramatic increase on resolution and details. Sakeishi cleans all grains and dust on the mid frequencies which Instruments have better clarity and provides better micro details. I think vocals are one step back and soundstage is more open. Fantastic bass performance of Sarda is now even better with Sakeishi. It still has that tight, controlled and deep bass and now it is much better in clarity and slightly faster. Impactful bass notes are remains same and details are much better then before. I’ve listened so many EDM tracks and it is so addicted. Soundstage is significantly better than No5 cable, it opens and puts more airs and dimensional feelings are much better. Sakeishi and Sarda are fantastic pair and it is my all time favorite.

CustomArt Fibae 2:

Fibae 2 is another great gem of my collection and it has great marriage with Nocturnal cable. With Sakeishi it has nice synergy but not as I expected to be honest. Trebles are more open and airier and articulation is better than Nocturnal, also details and resolution level significantly better. It has better sparkle and extension as well. Where is things are starting to change is mid frequencies. Mids are bold and thick on Fibae2 and it is on limit on my personal preferences. With Sakeishi, it becomes more forward and lower mids are makes some mid hump which I don’t like. Humps are notifiable with EDM tracks and some busy vocals. I don’t have any complaints about vocals, it sounds great, smooth and velvet like but that mid hump is not what I was looking for. Bass department is great. It is more controlled and tighter with great speed. And I think it goes slightly deeper and hits harder. Soundstage is open and airy; improvements of the wideness is noticeable. Overall, I like the synergy but not the best pair up to be honest.


Sakeishi vs PW Audio Initial:

PW Audio Initial is 2-way single crystal copper cable and I’m using it since released. Initial is 8 braided cable like Sakeishi. No microphonic issues and ergonomic is pretty great with its soft form factor. And build quality is really great as expected. Both cable sound characters are similar but they have different tonality. Treble is more pronounced and extended on Sakeishi which provides more details and resolution. Mids are bolder, thicker and forward on Initial and the overall presentation is organic and natural while Sakeishi is slightl laid back and dry but it adds more details, so technical side is better on Sakeishi. Instruments are more clean and clearer on Sakeishi but Initial has more organic tonality. Sakeishi bass is more in quantity and quality. It is tighter and more controlled as well as clean. Initial has lush and smooth on bass area and also has more organic presentation. Sounsdtage is more open and spacious on Sakeishi.

Sakeishi vs Rhapsodio SGD 2.98 MK2:

SGD 2.98 MK2 is the successor of the legendary MK1 and I really impressed by the sound. Both MK2 and Sakeishi are beautifully made and their material, build qualities are top notch. Sakeishi has 8 braids flat design while MK2 is 4 braid rounded. MK2 is warmer and smooth cable while Sakeishi is more technical, less warm cable. Sakesihi has more sparkle, quantity and extension on trebles which improvements are more significant while MK2 has natural and organic tonality on trebles. Mids are more forward and lush on MK2 and it adds more body on sound while Sakeishi is slightly laid back still has good amount of body and weight. Vocals are slightly more forward on MK2 but they are very similar in this regard. Bass is almost same in quantity on both but Sakeishi has slightly better control and tightness. Sakeishi is clearer in presentation and improvements are more obvious than the MK2. On the other hand, MK2 feels more organic and natural.

Sakeishi vs Effect Audio Eros II+:

This is my friend’s Eros II+ and I would like to compare with Sakeishi. Eros II+ is hybrid cable of combining copper and silver. Eros II+ is pretty thick cable with its 22awg size and it is not as ergonomic as like Sakeishi. Both cables are great on material and build quality but Sakeishi looks gorgeous with its beautiful color to be honest. Sound of Eros is similar with Sakeishi but bass notes are less prominent than the Sakeishi. Sakeishi has more bass quantity and impact while Eros has lesser on quantity but still has good impact and rumble. Sakeishi improvements are more distinguishable and it’s bass performance is much better. Eros is tighter and more balanced. Mids are slightly recessed on Sakeishi while Eros provides forward and bolder presentation. Vocal sound is more organic and smoother on Eros while Sakeishi is laid back and relaxed. Trebles are similar in quantity but tonality is different. Eros has smoother and more settle on trebles while Sakeishi is slightly brighter and more open which provides better micro details and resolution. Soundstage is similar but Sakeishi has more spacious and airier atmosphere.


This is my first contact with Ares Audio cable products and I absolutely impressed by the sound and quality of the cable. Sakeishi is absolutely fantastic cable in terms of sound, build quality and looks. Eye catching color and design absolutely gorgeous and it makes your setup glorious. Design and material quality are awesome but more important it sounds phenomenal when it is combined with the right earphone. It makes great improvements on sound and easily it might become your favorite cable. If you are on the market and looking for an upgrade cable, just consider Sakeishi, it is absolutely deserve some attention. 

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