Penon Audio ORB

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Here is the link of Penon Audio ORB:


Brand: Penon Audio

Model: ORB

Driver: Balanced Armature full frequency + 10mm Dynamic driver

Impedance: 10 Ω @1khz

Sensitivity: 112 ± 3dB @1khz

Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz

Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3.5mm Audio

Cable length: 1.2M

Package Details:

Penon Orb with cables

Silicon tops

Cleaning tools


Test Equipment:

Opus #1

THX AAA 789 & D50s

Earmen TR-Amp

Chord Mojo

Package, Design;

Penon Orb comes with fairly small yellow cardboard box. All the accessories, earphones and cables are inside of the beautiful blue carrying case. There is a plenty size of tips which you might easily find the best for your ears. Blue carrying case feels nice to touch with great build quality. You don’t have to worry about potential damage when you store it inside. It has solid feelings. There is also plenty of room, so if you want to upgrade your Orb with thicker and bolder cable, you can still keep it inside of the case. Orb body is made of medical grade resin with translucent color, and yes there is no any other color option, but it is so beautiful in its naked form. You can see the drivers and other components inside and that looks pretty gorgeous. There is a gold Penon and Orb print on the faceplate. Orb uses industry standard 2pin socket that you can always upgrade to aftermarket cable. Stock cable looks good and feels pretty ergonomic with its soft form but I think that Orb deserves a much better cable. There are 2 cables coming with Orb which exactly the same but one of them has microphone. Body is not small but not big either, I believe that most people may find it pretty comfortable with its ergonomic shape.


Trebles is not the most successful part of Orb and they are more of a smooth and warm texture. There is no roll off, and it does not have high level of details and resolution but It is extremely comfortable to listen with its smooth and creamy presentation, and it doesn’t give any fatigue while long listening session. It lags a bit behind in terms of performance when it comes to giving micro details, but I can say that it has quite sufficient performance when the tag price is remembered.

The Mid frequency is quite rich and full, and this full-bodied presentation combined with the natural timbre which creates a sound that is extremely musical and comfortable to listen to. The partially leading vocals combined with the natural and warm presentation give a pleasant performance. The details and resolution level of the mids are also quite adequate and better than most of the earphones I have heard at this price band. The instrument distinction is also extremely successful and you can easily distinguish its placement in the stage. However, I prefer to listen to Orb with high bass performance EDM style instead of instrument-heavy music.

Bass are undoubtedly the most delicious part of Orb. Greetings to the dynamic driver that produces strong and deep bass, it is very pleasant to listen. Rich and full bottoms go well with any kind of electronic music. EDM with Orb relation is like meat and wine combination. The level of bass in terms of quantity is definitely at the bass-head level. Basses dominate the general atmosphere a bit, but still cover the mids and highs and never give a muddy presentation.

Soundtage, Orb does not promise a great wideness and holographic presentation, but it is still quite spacious and successful enough to distribute the instruments well onto the stage.


Penon Orb vs Dunu DK2001:

Both earphones are great in terms of design and material quality. DK2001 is made of aluminium while Orb has resin body. There are no fit issues with DK2001 which is great with its smaller form factor but Orb provides better seal and fit, even with its bigger body. Both earphones’ stock cables are great but DK2001’s modular cable is better and it offers more flexibility. Orb’s sound is fuller with its rich and vivid presentation while DK2001 is more balanced and brighter when I compare side by side. Bass notes are more punchy and powerful with Orb which is more exciting while DK2001 has better control and speed, it’s slightly tighter. Mids are bold and thick on Orb which is more natural and smoother while DK2001 is slightly recessed and brighter on upper mids. Trebles are more extended and brighter on DK2001 which is slightly better in terms of resolution and details but on the other hand it might be sharp and fatigue for some people. Orb is smoother and relaxed on trebles but it extends pretty well and provides good details and resolution. Soundstage is slightly wider and more open on DK2001 but there is no obvious difference to be honest.

Penon Orb vs Audiosense T800:

Audiosense T800 is really great earphone for its price and it’s pretty popular in community with its sound performance. T800 has 8 balanced armature drivers per side, while Orb has 1 dynamic driver with 1 balanced armature driver. Both earphones’ material is resin and has similar body shape. Both earphones provide great seals and fit in ears and pretty ergonomic for long hours listening. Like Orb, T800 has also fuller and richer sound with powerful bass notes and warm signature. Bass is almost same in quantity but Orb has some extra rumble and it goes slightly deeper. T800 has better control and speed but it is lack of texture and punch that Orb has. Mid frequencies are thicker and bolder on T800 which gives you warmer tonality while Orb is slightly better recessed feelings with natural and smooth response. Trebles are smooth and warm on T800 which gives you more mellowish notes while Orb provides slightly more quantity and extension in this area. Soundstage is almost par but somewhat T800 is slightly wider.

Penon Orb vs JH Audio Billie Jean:

Billie Jean is 2 balanced armature drivers earphone and price tag is $100 more, but I would like to compare it anyway. BJ is made with ABS plastic and its body shape is smaller than Orb. BJ provides pretty good seal and isolation on ear but Orb is much better in this sense. Orb looks and feels more premium in hands. BJ comes with cheap thin black plastic stock cable while Orb comes with 2 stock cables and the cable quality is much better. Bass is quite powerful and deep on BJ but Orb is better for both quantity and quality. It goes deeper, articulated, textured and dynamic driver bass is so delicious when compared to BJ’s dry and dull bass performance. Both BJ and Orb have recessed mids but vocal performance is more forward on BJ. Trebles are more pronounced and extended on Orb which provides better details and resolution, BJ is laid back, feels rolled off. Soundstage is wider and deeper on Orb and separation is more distinguishable. 


Penon Audio continues to make great earphones since Sphere and it is obvious that we will see better earphones in the near future. Orb is really great performer for its price with thunderous bass with lush, musical atmosphere. Bass performance is so great and it keeps you to listen with bassy tracks. Orb proves that you don’t have to spent big numbers for the good sound. I can easily recommend Orb who wants dynamic, punchy and musical earphone.

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