Dunu Audio DK2001

Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details.

Also, I would like to thanks to Dunu Audio for this great opportunity. Here is the link of the DK2001: https://www.dunu-topsound.com/product-page/dk-2001

Penon Audio




 Dynamic unit: 13mm double-sided beryllium diaphragm dynamic coil

Balanced armature unit: 1 Knowles customized medium-high frequency independent balanced armature, 2 Knowles customized ultra-high frequency independent balanced armature

Frequency response: 5-40kHz

Sensitivity: 109dB ± 2dB at 1kHz

Distortion: <0.5% at 1kHz

Impedance: 13 ohms

Cable: High purity single crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable

Cable length: 1.2 m


Package Details:

DK 2001 earphone

3.5mm single-ended plug

3.5-6.35 adapter plug

4 pairs balanced eartips (black color, balanced for universal (orange earphones’ are orange color)

3 pairs transparent eartips (gray color, make the sound transparent and beautiful)

3 pairs vocal eartips(red color, enhance medium-low frequency performance, fit for popular and vocal.)

1 pair memory foam eartips (black foam eartips, enhance sound insulation and low frequency performance, will affect part of high frequency transparency.)

1 earphone cleaning brush



Test Equipment:

Opus #1

THX AAA 789 & Topping D50s

Earmen TR-Amp



Package, Design & Isolation;

This is my first Dunu product experience, and richness of contents, quality of the package is very impressive. They are quite generous for offering high quality accessories, carrying case and cable with their entry level product. To be honest, it is better than some brands’ TOTL earphone unboxing experience. The package includes 11 pairs of tips, leather carrying case, cleaning tool, 6.3mm jack and beautiful modular cable. The package content is very rich and I am quite impressed. The blue leather case is extremely beautiful both visually and ergonomically. The touch of feeling is premium with soft leather and you might want to taking care the case as well earphone. Cable is another good thing of Dunu DK2001. This is Dunu’s famous modular cable which you can change the jack 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 4.4mm. This modular system gives fantastic flexibility to use your earphone with different outputs. The cable is made of high-purity silver-plated OCC copper litz and it has patented catch-hold® MMCX connectors. Cable itself is amazingly soft which reminds me Linum cables. There are no microphonic issues as well as tangling issues. DK2001 is beautifully made, I really like its craftmanship and material quality. Its look is way expensive than its retail price. The DK2001 has a rounded design that can be considered to be quite small, which offers very good ergonomics and comfort. The nozzle part is quite long that helps to get good seal.




DK2001 has very energetic treble. It is quite extended, airy and offers good resolution. The treble has definitely good extension and roll-off is out of the question. It is very successful in separating the instruments and it makes listening easy by leaving enough distance between them. The airy presentation not only helps wideness of soundstage, but also helps separation and bringing details to the surface. There is no any sibilance, but I think listening to it with warmer sources will give safer results. The trebles stretch surprisingly well and deliver a more detailed and cleaner presentation than I thought. Although it is not technically high-level, I think it has a top-notch performance above the price band.

Just like the upper frequencies, the mid region is extremely detailed and promises a lot in technical sense. The mids are neither too hot nor too light, more balanced, but the mild warmth from the lower mids add a pretty sweet body. Mid offers a clean and refined performance. Vocals have a clean and clear presentation. I don’t hear anything wrong with the mid presentation, which I can call natural. Everything sounds so effortless, and there is no compression of the lower mids or the brightness of the upper mids. I really liked that about DK2001. All the instruments sound in very natural harmony and offer a lifelike imagining.

The bass are tight, controlled and have the ability to go deeply. The bass quantity is not bass-head level, let me underline it. However, it is still enough to go deep enough to be expected from the dynamic drive and turn the environment into club air when you feed it. Control is the best part of the bass frequencies. It is very controlled and tight, there is no wobbly presentation like many dynamic drivers, and it does not lose control and dominate the mids or the entire sound spectrum. Its control also keeps it fast and recovery time is very short. The bass are generally very successful and give the body that the earphone needs in a very high quality.




Dunu DK2001 vs Audiosense T800:

These are totally different configurated IEMs and their sound are completely different but they are in a similar price range, so I would like to compare them. Both earphones are beautiful and they have different body material. DK2001 has full metal body while T800 has acrylic body. Both earphones provide pretty good seals and ergonomics but T800 is slightly better in this sense. DK2001 has 1 dynamic driver and 3 balanced armature drivers while T800 has 8 balanced drivers. Package content and cable quality is much better on Dunu which provides more accessories. Sound wise, DK2001 is more natural and balanced while T800 is warm, musical and dynamic. T800 provides much more bass quantity and it goes deeper while DK2001 is tighter and more controlled with natural timbre. T800 has more sub-bass quantity and it has more weight in bass region. DK2001 is better in speed, decay and control which provides more natural presentation. Mids are slightly recessed and vocals are forward and has nice transparency. T800 has more lush, organic and warm mid presentation and vocals are more upfront with romantic presentation. Trebles are more extended, sparkle and detailed on DK2001 while T800 is warmer and smooth. There is no harshness or sibilance on both earphones but DK2001 has sharper edge with hot presentation. Soundstage is more spacious and airier on DK2001. Instruments’ placement and separation are slightly better. T800 has slightly narrower and boosted feelings after hearing DK2001.



Dunu DK2001 vs Final Audio B2:

Final Audio B2 has only 1 balanced driver per side and both earphones are in similar price range. Both earphones are metal but their finishes are different. DK2001 has anodized aluminum while B2 has stainless steel body. Both earphones material and build quality are fantastic and provide pretty good seals and ergonomics. Dunu’s sound is more engaging, clear and spacious while B2 is more mid-centric and it is off with bass and trebles extensions. DK2001 has more quantity, impact and dynamism on bass while B2 has slightly rolled off and it hits more on mid-bass area. Dk2001 digs more sub-bass and hits harder. Control and speed are also better on DK2001. B2 has more forward, bold and lush mid presentation while DK2001 feels slightly recessed and natural. Trebles are more sparkled, extended and transparent on DK2001 while B2 has slightly rolled off and has smooth and laid-back presentation. Details, separation and resolution are better on DK2001 and it has more clear presentation when I compare with B2’s slightly dark sound. Soundstage is better on DK2001 with wider and deeper feels and also instrument placement is more distinguishable.



Dunu DK2001 vs Rhapsodio RDB Gen2:

RDB Gen2 is almost two times expensive than the DK2001 but it has the same driver configuration and they share some similarities in sound. RDB Gen2 has acrylic body while DK2001 has aluminium. Both earphones provide good seals but RDB Gen2 is slightly better in ergonomics which provides better seals. Sound is quite similar and they are differing in some certain areas. Bass quantities are quite similar too but RDB Gen2 has slightly more impact and goes a bit deeper. DK2001’s bass is more controlled and tighter while RDB is more rounded and warmer. DK2001 takes advantage of its controlled bass response and its recovery time is better than RDB. Both earphones’ mids are slightly recessed with forward vocals. Male vocals are more realistic and better on RDB due to its boosted lower mid while DK2001 is better on women vocals. Details and resolution level are par maybe RDB is slightly better but it is hard to judge. Treble response is extended, shrill, and well sparkled on both earphones. There is no sibilance or harshness on both earphones but RDB’s treble response is slightly hot and it may be sharp with some bright sources. Soundstage is almost same but I feel better with DK2001. It is fresher and airier.



DK2001 is a very good sounding earphone top to bottom and it provides musical yet detailed IEM for a reasonable price. Also, package contents and material quality are hard to beat at this price. Modular cable system is superb to use with different type of outputs that you don’t have to change your entire cable. Dunu didn’t hesitate to offering high level quality and great sound with their entry level hybrid IEM.


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